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Welcome to the Rob Marsh Mystery Manor! Inside you will find all sorts of strange an unusual things, inluding books about toenails, confused old monkeys, abandoned and neglected comic books, actual published books that no one has read, java games tha are mostly broken, and a host of other oddities. The Manor is continually growing, so be careful not to lose your way once you enter!
Gold in the Hills is my most recent colaboration with Andy Watson. It is an historical book about legendary gold hunters who have searched the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma for gold through the ages, including folks like Coronado. Jesse James is also rumored to have hidden away his treasure in the hills. Click this link to be directed to the Amazon page where you can order it
The Inquisitive Guereza is an addled old monkey bordering on senility who often makes horrendously bad decisions. Check out this book to learn more about him.

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