December Sun

December Sun is an all-ages, old school, black and white comic book that I've slowly been writing and drawing as a hobby over the last 10 years.
There are currently 4 issues in print, and I'm working on the paperback now. I've got enough illustrations to make issues 6-7,
if I ever get around to it (I mean, be serious, it's a hobby. I work on it when I can, ok?)
You can read all of issue #1 for free here if you like.

December Sun Trade Paperback December Sun
Trade Paperback

Over 100+ pages collecting the first five issues plus a bunch of extras and deleted pages and what not.
December Sun issue #1
December Sun - issue #1
This was the issue that started it all. Written and illustrated over 10 years ago, and the victim of countless revisions and edits, this was my first ever published comic and, years later, for all it's faults, I'm still very happy with it.

December Sun - issue 2
December Sun issue #2
Picks up right where the first issue left hanging, the second issue is basically a giant battle issue. Lots of things getting broken, including the hero...
December Sun 3 December Sun #3
Slower tempo to this one, as it follows the big fight issue, but that isn't to say there isn't any excitement in this issue. There's just a little. Oh, and a big Supercenter shopping trip.
December Sun 4 December Sun #4
I got crazy and experimental with the artwork, and look, that's not a bad thing. The story continues, and we wrap up a loose end from issue #1. Sortof.
December Sun 5 December Sun #5
Fixing this up for the printer now. This is a big action issue, with a little more of a light-hearted bit of nostalgia mixed in.
December Sun 6 December Sun #6
In the works. Most of the pencils and inks completed (yes, he's encased in ice orbiting the earth...). Working on this now.
December Sun 7 December Sun #7
Currently exists as a Word doc, as well as some illustrations...
December Sun 8 December Sun #8
Exists as a bunch of notes in a sketchbook

December Sun