Gospel books
Gospel titles I've written and/or illustrated
Isaiah Isaiah
A 6-page story I recently pencilled, inked, colored, and wrote the commentary for.
Vengeance is mine Vengeance is Mine
I pencilled and inked this tract that was written by my friend Robert.
Prison book Brian Bradley has produced a number of gospel books, including this prison one for which I pencilled and inked a story based on Psalm 40. I also did the cover.
marriage comic Shattered Vows Presents #3
I did the pencils, inks, colors and even letters for this Christian marriage comic book
Geoff's book Geoff's book
I contributed a number of pages to an excellent story written by my friend Geoff (if you haven't figured it out, I like to do comic book collaborations.)
Bibleman Bibleman Experiment
Some pages I did for my friend Brian that never saw the light of day. It was fun just the same