Miscellaneous things about Rob Marsh and other comic book projects

Miscellaneous content

Miscellaney. Other books and projects that I've worked on.
inquisitive monkey Amazon Authors Page
List of all of my goofy books listed on Amazon.
Isaiah Isaiah
A 6-page story I pencilled, inked, colored, and wrote the commentary for.
marriage comic Shattered Vows Presents #3
I did the pencils, inks, colors and letters for this Christian marriage comic book
Prison book Prison gospel tract
I contributed art to this as well as the cover.
britnee Kingdom Comics
I contributed some stories and art to this anthology series.
Vengeance is mine Vengeance is Mine
I pencilled and inked this gospel tract. Can be downloaded for free.
blagh Coding Sandbox
A page of my coding experiments. User caution if you visit this page and try any of the links, as most of them likely won't work and could potentially explode.
internet radio Internet Radio
Different internet radio station:.
LastFm | SoundCloud | Spotify
Writing Amazon book reviews
Midwife Website I designed music Time waster>/strong>
Stupid stuff like this is why I don't get as much art done as I should

president trueman

If you aren't a robot, feel free to email me at robsartgallery at yahoo.com

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