Miscellaneous things about Rob Marsh and other comic book projects
December Sun

Various other books I've written, illustrated and/or been involved with.
linkedin LinkedIn profile I've currently a Systems Analyst, with several years experience in Software Quality Assurance. Ludosomnus The Musing of Ludosomnus - Reformed Theology, Book Reviews, Sermon Notes, etc internet radio Internet Radio I spend far too much time listening to online radio. Mostly film music, but my taste tends to be ecclectic.
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coding monster Coding - I've got an unhealthy interest in hobby coding. I spend a lot of time at Codecademy currently, as it's a practical time-waster. I also have a stale coding blog here misc Miscellaney - Junk from my C: drive... seriously, it's junk scraped from my computer that I have no place for. Mostly old sketchbook junk. Coding Sandbox - a page of my coding experiments. User caution if you visit this page and try any of the links, as most of them likely won't work and could potentially explode.
gallery of links Gallery of links - A little dated, but still good. apples Nutrition and health - I used to blog about health and nutrition but sort of gave it up music Music Blog - Mostly YouTube links to music videos
doge Dogecoin - I like toying with the virtual currency. It might be my only retirement option... Writing Writings - mostly Amazon book reviews Midwife Website - website I designed for a midwife friend of ours
tzedek Tzedek - a title I pencilled and inked a few years ago for a friend. One of my first non-December sun full-length illustrations. I don't think it ever saw print, sadly. apples The Anointed 7 #14 - I contributed 4 pages of illustrated and colored art for my friend Brian for his title. I don't do a lot of photoshop coloring so this was great practice. music Time waster - Stupid stuff like this is why I don't get as much art done as I should

If you aren't a robot, feel free to email me at robsartgallery at yahoo.com

December Sun