this page is the main entrance into the manor. At two tables flanking the entrance is the welcoming party - a collection of strange an unusual creatures who would all like to welcome you personally to the manor. They hope that you enjoy your visit This is the main entrance into the Rob Marsh mystery manor! Tred carefully, because strange and unusual things lie hidden away in the optional ALT Text added to the images on the site! Rob is mindful of making this silly website more accessible Click here to learn more about the evil queen and her plans to foil the princess by hiding a mysterious toenail! Click here to learn more about my fondness of lemon pie, and perhaps even find a recipe or two! Yeah, it has nothing to do with the general theme of the website, but this is all pretty much a nonsensical jumble of silliness anyhow. The cookie fiend is the arch nemesis of harmless little Ergo. Actually, he's a character that made one appearance in Public Television Vampire Hunters, one of my first books, but he was such an interesting character that I decided to give him his own page. Click here to learn more, and perhaps hear a story or two. Aliens play a big role in my book, Well that could have gone better. Click here to visit with an alien friend. Boron was a dangerous intergalactic space hunter from the Ergo book. Ok, maybe he was more interested in purchasing stamps than in hunting, but he's still quite dangerous. And don't let him catch you putting ketchup on a hotdog because that really upsets him. Click here to learn his backstory. Quarl is a complicated character who went through quite a few changes in the Ergo series of books. Click here to learn his story. Or dont. It's all good. Bigfoot is the mythical creature that inhabits camping grounds across the world. He also makes an appearance or two in the Dads Toenail series of books. Click here to learn more of his silly story.